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Envestry is a secure online funding platform, a confidential space where sophisticated investors and high-growth businesses can connect, share information, secure deals and grow.

License Envestry to create your own customised, branded funding platform and unlock a network of sophisticated investors and new opportunities for you and your clients, members and communities.



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  • "The best thing about Envestry is that it is run by people who really understand the DNA of investing."

  • "The platform means we can offer more to our 7,500 Chairman and NEDs interest in early stage tax efficient investing."

  • "The platform provides a simple, safe and secure way to manage my early stage investments."

Who Licenses Envestry?

Icon networks

Investor groups, angel networks, family offices, special interest groups, member clubs.

Icon associations

Trade bodies, universities, business schools, livery companies.

Icon wealth managers
Wealth Managers

Fund managers, private client managers, Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs).

Icon companies raising finance
Companies Raising Finance

From their own community using their own-branded regulated platform.

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A growing number of investor groups, networking organisations and wealth managers are using the platform to offer more services to their members.

Icon your own branded platform
Your own branded platform

Customise Envestry with your brand and copy, to create your own investment community, with control over deal selection and ownership of all investor data.

Icon fca compliant
FCA Compliant

All our advisers and investors meet the criteria of the Financial Conduct Authority charged with rigorously maintaining the integrity of the UK’s financial markets.

Icon save time
Save time

Secure access via tablet, desktop and smartphone, makes it easy for companies to update their deals and for investors to find information and invest.

Icon networks
Connect with sophisticated investors

Gain access to an international network of sophisticated investors and investor communities and share deals securely.

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Envestry Platform Licensees

(Some platform licensees have selected to remain anonymous and so are not listed below)

Envestry is a product of Envestors Limited, the award-winning private investor network established in 2004. Each one of us is an experienced business owner and investor in our own right and knows exactly what it takes to successfully start, manage, grow and sell businesses.

Oliver Woolley
Scott Haughton
Nick Taylor
Jerry Plant
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Unlock opportunity, potential and growth for you and your community with Envestry, your own regulated funding platform.

To find out more, please fill in the form below or call +44 (0)20 7240 0202 and speak to Jerry Plant. Or email us at info@envestry.com

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